Hiatus Resolved

It has been a long few months since our guild battled together. After the capture of Inak's home city, our group took a brief hiatus. Displeased with our actions, Inak has decided that it would be best if he left to travel on his own accord, and it seems The Insane One took a similiar course of action. May the shadows comfort them on their new paths.

Needless to say, Brother and I have been busy. Our training has taken to a new level, as the dreams we had been sharing materialized into The Lord of Shadows. The Master of All Thieves spoke to us and declared our challenege, a rightfull place in his glory. We have gather two new members of the guild who have decided to adventure with us during this height of activity. And of course, Victor returned to join us also; well, part of him has, it seems.

My mastery of my new melee weapon is at its end. I have studied the ancient art of Calligraphy to bring out the spirit of my inner warrior. In my hand, my new blade flows as easily as the pen on parchment, and to a similiar degree of grace and beauty. My bond to this weapon reflects something more than melee prowess, something more than my inner spirit can show, even though my Calligraphy. My connection to this weapon goes beyond that of the mortal realm.

I have also begun the traditional art of Trapmaking. The anger of leaving our old guild hall unattended and ungaurded for such long periods of time has subsided, and I have learned from my foolishness. It is a very rare thing to catch me unaware once, and impossible to find for a second time. The next batch of fools that try and infiltrate our hideout will find many suprises awaiting their arrival.


Untapped Potential

My combat training with brother has been quite a success. With initial encouragement from Thom, I feel I have almost mastered the longsword. Such a simple weapon, yet I somehow feel some stronger force has been guiding my practice; my parries, attacks, and techniques while using this weapon flow through me as if I had been an expert for many years. I have come to the conclusion that the reoccuring dreams and visions I have been recieving at night are no coincidence, and that some great entity is at work here.

The involvement of Brother, considering his standings on certain issues, plus the unnatural grace demonstrated with this as of late unknown weapon must be key factors in what has yet to come. A true warrior knows patience though, so I shall keep my mind focused on the present training and random missions assigned to our guild. I have no worries that my future will be declared to me when the time is right; until then, I can only spend every waking moment being prepared.

Perhaps is it time that my true sire will test my devotion.

Saviors or Criminals?

We have recently returned from our latest mission. Inahk's strange dreams held true, as his hometown on the coast of Naliaar was indeed under assault by various elemental, although conjured by the arcane, forces.

What originally seemed to be a unprofitable and therefor worthless venture ended up yielding more than expected. We ended up traversing the twisted plane of shadows yet again, this time to travel safely through a storm to gain access to a garrison where the wizard responsible was hiding. The Shadowwalk Ritual Brother and I had cast on us actually tied a portion of our spirits to the plane itself. It was a very unpleasant event, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. Everytime we invoke the divine magic sealed within us, our spirit inside us feels as if it is being stretched out to the ends of the universe over a incredibly hot surface. Needless to say, the usefulness of such power out weights the small moment of pain.

I assumed that once we returned to the Material Plane from the Shadows it would be the last for the evening, but alas, I was wrong. Inside the run down complex were traps that forced Victor, Brother, Nemo, and I into small pocket planes in various elemental planes. Luckily, our adventuring experience helped us escape, despite us being seperated and alone.

We found the wizard upstairs in the complex, gaurded by two metalic gaurdian constructs. Victor, Brother and I snuck past to assault the wizard directly while Inahk and Nemo tore the constructs asunder. Victor took a magical beating from the wizard, but luckily his experience in such situations allowed him to escape with his life. Brother engaged and distracted the target while I slit open this throat with the groove of one of my kukris; a very satisfying feeling.

As soon as the wizard died, the magic holding his weather-manipulating machine dissapted, destroying the machine and the crystal powering it in the process. The shards of the crystal appear to hold much magical power. We were fortunatly able to collect a few shards, possibly to have crafted into weapons; but our business was not done. Taking the crystal shards and the dead wizards body, we headed back to town to deliver the news to the townsfolk that we were their saviors, despite the rudeness we recieved upon first entering the town. You would think the town mayor would be more than happy to enter a contract to save his town...

Nevertheless, we have saved the town, and now they must fufill their part of the bargian. The exact reward we shall recieve from them has yet to be decided. Brother believes we could perhaps colonize the town, seeing as it rightfully belongs to use now, but I believe a mere 30% of their annual income (for an undetermined amount of time) will suffice. The exact specifictions of the arangement are still under debate, but I believe it will be decided upon in less than a ten day-


Martial Training

In my constant attempt to keep my mind and body at its paramount level, I have decided that I would post a request for a martial training partner.

I am looking to improve my sparring, parrying, speed, and toe-to-toe combat techniques. I am looking for formal training as well as regular exercises and practice. As it is well known that I would much rather prefer to keep my situation and actions "underground", I would prefer to recieve training, if at all possible, from a member of the guild, instead of looking for someone else.

To anyone interested, please contact me as soon as possible to begin training. I feel my percision based/stealth fighting techniques are almost at their pinnacle, so I would like to expand my combat prowess to include toe-to-toe fighting for when the situation arises. In exchange for martial training, I can offer training or advisement in many different fighting, social, and stealth techniques.

May the shadows always be at your back, and your purse forever full-
Ishkahl Ralljeax

Vengence - New Ally or Possible Threat?

We have just returned from our latest mission. We discovered information about Plintob's murder, and found that many believe the murderers to be us. Unneeded attetion really does hamper my work, but nevertheless, we accomplished out task. I am unsure if any of the Shade Kin, as they are called, still remain. We delivered the head of Plintob's murderer to the Man of Vengence who likewise tryed to take the head of Brother. If any more of the Kin do indeed still survive, it would be best if they did not get informed on our where abouts. It makes it so much easier when they know nothing about me or what to expect, I do not have Brother's talents for masquerading my actions... I strike better when totally unnoticed. Nevertheless, if any do yet survive, all the information in all of the Realms about me or my guild will not help them defeat us. Perhaps I should still speak with Lady Tirent about creating some rumors of my dispise. It will certainly help get alittle heat of our necks, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of terror in your victims face in the split second of recognition when they realize the man they thought to be dead is ironically bringing them their early grave.

After all, I didn't get the infamous reputed reputation of one of the finest assasins in all of Waterdeep and Corigna by letting too much information become available or by letting too many know of my status.

Something still does trouble me though. We never uncovered exactly why Brother found that crystal dagger in our complex. Brother and Nemo appear to know alittle more information about this relic than I, but sometimes I wonder how much Nemo actually knows and how much he makes up then convinces himself of. Perhaps we should get a cleric to look into Nemos mental problems.

Treachery Afoot

I have just made it back into Waterdeep. Less than a 10 day ago I recieved urgent news from Thesk, and I had to pull some strings with old friends to get access to means of transportation to travel there and back in time. Brother's and my old guild sent word that they needed our help; unfortunatly, Thom was in Naliaar and I did not have time to alert him before I left. Unfortunatly, our magic earrings that tie our thoughts together cannot reach across the continents. I heard word of another member that was added to our group in my absense, so it appears Brother kept everyone busy even in my unexplained absense. I have also arranged for a group gathering on tomarrow's eve to explain the news I encountered back home. It appears Brother and I have some business to take care of, and anyone else who is interested is welcome to come along.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the fool snapped...


The Emerald Owl

So while I was scoping around Waterdeep I heard rumor from one of my old contacts that Khelben, that old bastard himself, was paying merc. parties handsomely to collect some powerfull components for him. Unfortunatly for me, by the time I made it to the Lord Mages' residence, the last of the artifacts had allready been assigned to another group. Fortunately for me, this group just happened to "dissapear" in the alley ways right after they left the complex. Khelben's assistant was more than happy to then give the job to me and my little group. 10,000 gold pieces each, plus all the loot we found, just for alittle piece of crap statue. I sure as hell wouldn't want the piece of shit, but the gold was more than welcome.

We set out the next day to the mountains where the statue was rumored to be found. After a short hike up the mountain we found the lair of some old fire hydra who had taken our little jewel as treasure. Our experience quickly showed as we dispatched the beast before it could do much damage. Vic led it outside while Brother and I quickly tore into it with our precise attacks, then Nemo finished it off with a series of massive blasts that charred the bloody body to a crisp.

We found the statue quickly enough, along with a few gold and a few other goodies, and took it back to town.

Sometimes I wonder why I always used to insist on operating alone. Sure, I can get in quicker, faster, quieter and without being seen... but having other team mates around always provides a good distraction for me to slip in and make the kill.

Base of operations

So Brother picked up another mission for us, this time it was some piece of arcane trash that was giving some political heads over in Corigna some trouble. Finding their hideout was easy enough, and getting inside was even easier. Vic's magic darkness gave my team enough cover to split up from Tom and the rest once we got inside. Each team easily dispatched the wannabe gaurds, and even the higher ranking guild members fell quickly. After we cleared the place out we decided to keep it as a guild hall for our little group. Found a good amount of supplies stocked up, some healing potions and other crap.. nothing we can't do without.

Those fools never saw us comming. But I guess if they did, I wouldn't be very good at my job, would I?